Google has released details of the first commercial Chrome OS netbook

Google has released details of the first commercial Chrome OS netbook, the Alex from Samsung – and while the specifications aren’t likely to set the world aflame, the inclusion of the cloud-powered OS could shake things up in an increasingly stagnant market. The Samsung Alex is the commercial successor to Google’s Cr-48 testbed platform – […]

The Ipad Killed The Netbook

With the impending launch of Google’s Chrome OS, many are begining to ask the question; ‘is Google far too late into the game’? This question would have seemed relatively misguided a year ago but as we all know, the landscape has changed drastically since then. Of-course this change can mostly be attributed to Apple’s Ipad 2. […]

Lifebook X2 Concept: Tablet, Netbook, or Both?

If you are in the market for a new portable computer, you have to decide if you want a notebook, netbook, or a tablet. The choice can be too much for some and they just end up getting nothing (or in some cases, all three.) A new concept device has turned up on Yanko Design that […]

Toshiba mini NB305-N600 Review

Specifications Type: General Purpose, Ultraportable, Value, Netbook Processor Name: Intel Atom N550 Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Starter Edition Processor Speed: 1.5 GHz RAM: 1 GB Weight: 2.8 lb Screen Size: 10.1 inches Screen Size Type: widescreen Graphics Card: Intel GMA 3150 Storage Capacity (as Tested): 250 GB Networking Options: 802.11n Primary Optical Drive: External […]