Apple iPhone 5 to launch in October in Canada

BGR has reported on several occasions that Apple will announce its brand new iPhone 5 at the tail end of August with a September street date, though it looks like the company might make the iPhone 5 available a little bit later than that. According to confirmed information we have received from a reliable source […]

Apple iPhone 5 in October report

Apple’s next iPhone may arrive even later than expected, with a new rumor claiming the handset will not go on sale until the month of October. Citing a source familiar with Apple’s plans, John Paczkowski of All Things D reported on Monday that Apple’s fifth-generation iPhone will arrive in the month of October. Separate sources […]

Apple-Samsung battle

With the electronics titans squaring off in an acrimonious battle over smartphones and tablets patents, any worsening in their supply relationship could mean more business for Toshiba Corp, Micron, Hynix Semiconductor, Intel and TSMC. Apple’s move to protect its smartphone and tablet business comes as Samsung is set to become the world’s top smartphone vendor, […]

Samsung Galaxy S2 VS HTC Sensation VS Apple iPhone4

The last ten days have been a treat for those looking to upgrade their phone to the latest and greatest in India — seeing the launch of the best of HTC, Apple and Samsung. The three phones represent the next generation of big-screened phones that are unabashedly geared towards media, media and more media. Unlike […]